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Posted: 16th July 2020
Hi Everyone
Hope you are all safe and well.
This is an update on where the Brighton Men's Dart League stands as of 15th July 2020
The Committee have now decided that the Men's Dart League Winter season 2019/2020 will not be completed and final League standings will be calculated on a points per game system (as used by many Leagues that have not been able to complete their seasons). Also the team cups and individual cups will be cancelled altogether. This has not been an easy decision for the committee to make but it has been more than 17 weeks since we had to suspend the Dart League due to government advice and all pubs being closed to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. 
The committee have been waiting to see when we could restart the League and this is not looking like it is going to happen in the near future due to Government advice of a maximum group of 6 people from 2 households only. Pubs are also advised to use table service so they don't have groups of people standing around or going to the bar in the pub. Landlords of some of the darts venues will have a logistical nightmare trying to adhere to guidelines with 15 to 20 dart players in on a Tuesday night.
When the Government ease restrictions for pubs the Committee will look at the best way to get dart teams playing again.There is no quick and easy way to do this. Firstly we would need to know how many teams will reform after this forced long break. We may have also lost some pubs/venues and teams may need time to find new venues to play from.
If some of you are desperate to have a game of darts, please contact your pub/Landlord first and see if they are happy for a couple of players to have a game or two. This does not mean we will  be starting the League up again for some time as it would be very irresponsible for the Brighton Men's Dart League to start team games with the Covid 19 still taking lives around the country.
As soon as we have any solid dates about starting the League up again, I will contact you to find out the status of your dart team/venue.
Be safe, and hopefully we can start playing team darts again sometime later this year.
Steve Pester

Posted: 16th March 2020

In light of the NEW GOVERNMENT advice, we have decided to suspend The Brighton and Hove Men's Dart League.

This now means that Tonights Captain & Vice Captain Pairs competition (At the Bear) and Tuesday 17th March League Fixtures is suspended.

The League will start playing again when the Government advice about social contact changes.

Be safe and well



Posted: 4th September 2019
Congratulations to the Long Man Of Wilminton 2019 Bob Austin Summer Cup Winners & to Preston Brewery Tap this years Runners-up

Posted: 4th September 2019
Congratulations to the Franklin Legends 2019 Ronnie Edwards Summer Cup Winners & to Twitten Club this years Runners-up